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From the chapter's beginnings in 2007, the Grand Canyon Chapter has served a diverse group of procurement professionals throughout the northern and the most western parts of Arizona. As a small Chapter with a variety of cultural, geographical, and socio-economic challenges, our vision is to be a resource for the myriad of professionals that form the Chapter. The Grand Canyon Chapter of NIGP strives to be a source of continuing, quality professional development and of professional networking and support.

We continually strive to find ways to share our experiences by encouraging other public procurement professionals to share their unique perspectives and thoughts and by joining our membership. Through our networking, participation, problem solving, and leadership, we further the goals of the public procurement profession in Arizona.

I joined the chapter upon entering the procurement profession in 2009. Since joining the Grand Canyon Chapter of NIGP, I have been an active member - attend multiple Chapter hosted events and serving as a member of the National NIGP Young Professionals Council. I was very humbled to be selected as the Chapter's representative at the 2015 Leadership Development Symposium. It is with humility and honor that I accept this new appointment of Chapter President for the 2015-2016 Fiscal Year.

As a small chapter, my goals for the next year are to increase member participation and provide value to our members. It's no secret that procurement professionals, and the entities we serve, are continually being asked to do more with less. I hope to energize our Chapter and enable our members to affect change in mighty ways. I believe that we will realize increase participation by demonstrating the value of membership to current and potential members and their entities. Some of the ways I hope to demonstrate such value include:

1. Being a source of current and relevant information sharing;

2. Working with other NIGP Chapters to maximize our resources;

3. Providing quality and cost effective professional development opportunities that will not only improve members' career performance, but will also help members maintain professional certifications;

4. Utilizing technology to connect with members without requiring extensive travel or time commitments; and

5. Seeking to understand the needs of our members and actively pursuing solutions to those needs.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all of our current Chapter members, and especially former Board Members and Committee Chairs, for their commitment, dedication, and resources. I know that I would not be the professional I am today without your support and encouragement.

Chapter meetings are held every other month at varying locations across our chapter's territory. We encourage participation either via personal attendance or telephonically. Free conference calling is available to all; and in the future we hope to add live web based meetings as well. We know that many of our members may have to travel long distances, or simply cannot afford to take time away from their many responsibilities to physically attend in person.

The values and guiding principles of our chapter and our membership are:

. Accountability - taking ownership of our actions and decisions

. Ethics - acting with honesty and integrity; meeting ethical standards of the profession

. Impartiality - being open, fair and non-discriminatory in all processes

. Professionalism - Upholding high standards of job performance; valuing higher education and formal certification

. Service - Being a resource and strategic partner within our organizations and communities

. Transparency - Maintaining easily accessible and understandable policies and processes

I encourage you to become an active part of this unique experience and professional development by completing a membership application today and actively participation in NIGP events at both the Chapter and National level. Please feel free to contact me directly or any one of our chapter's members at any time.



Tara L. Acton, CPPB

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